Caring For Your Oriental Rug

If you just bought an oriental rug, you will soon be enjoying its beauty when you walk into the room where you keep it. To keep an oriental rug looking its absolute best, there are several maintenance steps to take. Here are some of the steps you can follow to ensure that your oriental rug will last for many years to come.

Select The Proper Placement

The spot you select to keep your rug will have a large impact on the amount of wear and tear it will endure. If you place it in a high-traffic area, it is bound to get dirtier quicker as well as be more prone to the risk of staining. Keeping it in a room that is not utilized often will help preserve it longer. It will also help people to appreciate it more as it will not be viewed on a regular basis. It is best to keep an oriental rug out of direct sunlight as it will fade the material. This would be exceptionally noticeable if the sun is not directed at the rug at the same intensity on all areas, making some spots fade quicker than others.

Vacuum Your Rug Frequently

To keep your rug from becoming dirty, vacuuming is a must. Use an attachment with a soft-bristled brush and vacuum the rug by hand to remove any debris from the surface. Hold the brush slightly above the material and gently graze the fibers instead of pushing the brush into them. Flip your rug over every few months so it wears at an even rate.

Clean Very Carefully

An oriental rug's ink is prone to running or bleeding if it gets wet. For this reason, it is best to have a professional carpet cleaning company handle cleanings if the rug becomes excessively dirty or if it is a victim to a water damage problem in the home. For routine cleaning, a vinegar spray made from equal parts vinegar and water can be used to freshen the material. This should not be rubbed into the fibers, but rather just spritzed over the surface. The rug should be kept flat when drying. The fringe can also be freshened with this solution. Spray and use a wide-tooth comb to push through the fibers.

Handle Spills Properly

If someone spills something on your oriental rug, it is at risk of staining. Remove any chunks from the spill by gloved hand and immediately set a clean towel over the stain. Blot from the outer edges toward the middle of the spill. Change to a new towel if a lot of liquid fills the towel you are using. This will help you avoid reapplying the moisture as you blot. If the rug appears stained, call an oriental rug cleaning service immediately as there is a better chance at removing the stain while it is still wet.

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