3 Ways To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home This Year

Mold thrives whenever it is presented with the right conditions. Make sure that your house does not present the right conditions for mold to grow this year. The easiest way to take care of mold is to make sure that it isn't able to get a foothold in your house to begin with. 

Keep Things Away From Your Vents & Grills

Mold thrives in areas where condensation is able to build up. Make sure that the air in your house is able to flow unobstructed and that condensation does not build up by keeping items away from your vents and grills.

Make sure that your furniture is not blocking any vents. Make sure that your drapes do not hang over and block your vents either. Don't let other clutter build up around your vents either. 

Control The Humidity

Make sure that you keep the humidity in check inside of your house. If your house gets too humid, mold will start to thrive. Try to keep the humidity level inside of your house about the same year round. 

You can use a humidifier to keep the levels consistent. You can also have a humidifier installed within your HVAC system to help you more easily regulate the humidity levels inside of your home.

Prevent Moisture Build-Up In Your Bathroom

One of the most common places to encounter mold is in your bathroom. Whenever you take a shower, run your fan in your bathroom during your shower, and keep it on for at least a half hour after your shower to help reduce the moisture in the air. After you take a shower, use a squeegee to wipe away the moisture from the walls of your shower and bath area.

If you step out of your shower onto a towel or mat, hang the towel or mat up after you are done so that it can properly dry out. Wipe up any water that gets on your floor as well; don't wait for it to evaporate naturally. Make sure that you hang up all your towels after you use them so that mildew does not start to take hold. 

Prevent mold from making your house its home this year by keeping the air flowing, keeping the humidity levels the same and by preventing moisture from building up in your bathroom. If you implement these tips, you shouldn't have to worry about mold damage this year. 

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