Learn How To Make Spring Cleaning Less Daunting

Spring cleaning is often quite daunting for many people because it is such an extensive process. It is possible to make the task less daunting by splitting the tasks over a few days. The following guide walks you through a great way to tackle your spring cleaning in the easiest way possible.

Monday – Sort and Toss

On Monday, you want to go through your house with a few laundry baskets and trash bags. Use one basket per person in your home and place items in each person's basket as you go room to room in your home. By collecting everyone's belongings that have been left around the house, everyone can be responsible for putting their items where they belong and you should start to see a huge improvement in the look of your home before the night is out. Use the trash bags to toss anything that you know for sure is trash.

Tuesday – Clean Out Your Cabinets

Next, go through the cabinets in your home and throw out any expired medications, expired spices, and anything you haven't used in the past year. Go through the cabinets in your bathrooms and kitchen to ensure you are able to remove everything that should be trashed at one time.

Wednesday – Go Through Your Closets

Go through your closets and toss any towels that are torn, clothes that you have not worn in quite a while, and any shoes that you do not enjoy wearing. Hang all of your clothes that you want to keep in your closet and turn the hangers so that the hook is facing the back of the closet. When you wear something, you can turn the hanger around so that when you rehang the item, you know that it was worn. Any clothes that haven't been worn can then be thrown away the next time you have spring cleaning.  

Thursday – Sort Through Drawers

Go through the drawers in your kitchen, the bathrooms, and your bedroom to get rid of any items that are not used regularly or anything that you have multiples of. Junk drawers should be sorted and organized, socks with holes should be tossed, and any items that no longer fit need to be thrown out too. Toss makeup that has expired, as well.

Friday – Dust and Scrub

Dust the furniture, baseboards, fans, and even door frames. Baby wipes can be great for dusting baseboards and door frames quickly and easily. When dusting your fans, be sure that you turn off lights before you start dusting so you do not risk burning yourself on the hot bulbs.

Saturday – Vacuum and Change Sheets

Use the vacuum to vacuum all of the carpets, upholstery, and curtains in the home. You need to be sure that you are careful when vacuuming the curtains so that you do not pull them down from the rod. Be sure that you hold them with your hand as you vacuum a section to ensure they are not pulled loose.

Sunday – Windows, Mirrors, and Screens

On the final day, clean your windows, mirrors, and television screens in your home. Ball up newspaper when scrubbing the glass cleaner away to create a streak-free look.

If spring cleaning is too daunting for you, you can always hire home cleaning services to do the cleaning for you. The cleaning crew will tackle all of the cleaning in one day and allow you to have the clean house you want and need without lifting a finger.

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