Make A Healthier Home With Clean Carpets

Carpeted rooms give your home a warm and cozy allure, but keeping those carpets clean and fresh is vital when it comes to providing optimum health for your family. A professional cleaning is often required by major carpet manufactures to maintain the warranty. Regardless of any warranty requirements, carpets harbor too many pollutants not to be cleaned on a regular basis. Read on to learn about how you can have a healthier home with clean carpets.

In Home Pollutants

As if the normal everyday dust and dirt tracked in from the outdoors were not enough, your carpet could also contain other invisible and dangerous irritants, like pet dander and bug parts. You can tackle most of the everyday stuff and surface dirt with regular vacuuming, but you can also worsen the problem by releasing irritants into the air for you and your family to breathe.

This issue can be easily addressed with a professional carpet cleaning. To prevent irritants from circulating and to kill bacteria, professional companies use special cleaning solutions, which are followed up with a very powerful suction machine that totally removes the cleaning solution and irritants. Even rent-by-the-day carpet shampoo machines are no match for these powerful professional-strength machines.

Dust Mites

These tiny bugs cannot be seen without magnification, but can make some people miserable when the body parts and feces are inhaled. A professional cleaning that uses very high temperature water is needed to kill those nasty creatures.


Carpets and the padding underneath are perfect hiding spots for mold. Even a small amount water, such as that tracked in on a rainy day, can make your carpet pad wet enough to grow mold. Since the padding takes so long to dry, mold has plenty of time to begin growing and needs high temperature water and powerful cleaning solutions to be eliminated. Shampooing your carpets yourself could make matters worse by adding more moisture to your carpets. You will need the powerful vacuuming action of a professional cleaning to properly remove all the water and help prevent mold growth.

When you consider the dangerous irritants that could be residing in your carpets and coming into contact with your family members and pets, the need for a professional cleaning becomes clear. The dirt, dust mites and mold must be removed by a professional carpet cleaning service for the best results, so help ensure the health and well-being of your family by contacting your local carpet cleaning company today.

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