The Main Advantages Of Green Carpet Cleaning For Your Home

What exactly is green carpet cleaning, and why is it often the preferred service for a home? Green carpet cleaning is an ecologically-friendly, gentler form of carpet cleaning, but it has a multitude of advantages that go beyond simply being environmentally safe. Here are a few of the major benefits.

Green Carpet Cleaning Uses Less Water

Professional carpet cleaning services often use quite a lot of water. They work by saturating the carpet completely and then sucking the water back out of the carpet and the padding. This type of deep cleaning can be effective, but it also leaves the carpets extremely wet -- and this can eventually lead to mold growth, especially in more humid clients. Green carpet cleaning services invest in specialized equipment that use less water. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also means that your carpet dries faster.

Green Carpet Cleaning Uses Fewer Chemicals

One of the major goals of green carpet cleaning is to use fewer chemicals. Carpet cleaning chemicals often run off into the environment, which can damage the surrounding animal and plant life. Harsh chemicals can even cause allergic reactions in people. For those with children or sensitive skin, green carpet cleaning may actually be less disruptive to their system. This is also true for families who have pets who may come in contact with cleaning solutions.

Green Carpet Cleaning Is Easier On Your Carpet

Ideally, most carpets should last anywhere from ten to twenty years. Some carpets can last even longer. Because green carpet cleaning uses less water and fewer chemicals, it also means that green carpet cleaning can help your carpet last longer. When your carpet is saturated with water repeatedly, it can become stretched and warped -- eventually that leads to additional wear and tear as the carpet flexes and bends. This is less of an issue with the specialized equipment that a green carpet cleaning company uses. 

Green Carpet Cleaning Contributes to Fresher Air

Many homes find themselves suffering from low quality air, which can increase the presence of allergies and asthma, or simply lead to the household being sick more often than they normally are. Green carpet cleaning products generally have a smaller amount of VOCs (volatile organic carbons), creating cleaner air. 

A green carpet cleaning service can go into more detail regarding why their services are more effective and safe for your home. For more information, contact Southwest Chem-Dry or a similar company.

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