A Winter Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

Most people associate really attacking and cleaning their home with the spring cleaning session. However, there are certain cleaning tasks that shouldn't have to wait until spring. Here is a winter cleaning checklist that will make spring cleaning a little easier and make your home more comfortable and clean this winter.

#1 Clean & Flip All Your Mattresses

Ideally, you should clean and flip your mattresses at least twice a year. To clean your mattress, just vacuum the top of your mattress, then remove your mattress and vacuum the top of your box springs. Dust mites accumulate on your mattress over time, which is why you need to vacuum it. 

When you put your mattress back on your bed, be sure to flip it. This will help ensure that your mattress wears evenly over time. 

If you have a pillow top mattress, instead of flipping your mattress over, turn your mattress so that the top is now at the bottom of your bed and vice versa. You don't want to flip a pillow top mattress over, because then you wouldn't be able to benefit from the pillow top! 

#2 Go Through The Food In Your Pantry

At least twice a year, you should go through the food in your pantry. Winter is a great time to complete this task since you are already spending so much time indoors. 

Get out a trash bag, and start working from the top of your pantry down to the bottom. Check the use by dates on all the food that you have in your pantry; if it is expired throw it away. 

If it is close to expiring and is something you actually like to eat, put it somewhere more visible in your pantry so that you use it before it expires. You can even create a small "Must Use Now" area in your pantry for this type of food.

For any food that is not expired, but you know you don't plan on eating it, make a donation box for these items and drop them off at your local food pantry after you finished going through your pantry.

As you go through each shelf in your pantry, use a wet cloth or disposable cleaning wipe to clean the shelves. 

#3 Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

If you have a junk drawer, corner or closet, winter is a great time to clean it out. Place a chair near your junk drawer, and set up a throw away bag, donation bag, and put away bag. Anything that you have not used for a long time should be thrown away, anything useful that you know you will not use should be donated, and any item that has another home should be put away.

After you finish cleaning out your junk area in your house, try to organize the items that you want to keep in your junk area. You may want to invest in some baskets or dividers from your local dollar store to keep this area more organized in the future. 

Don't wait until spring to clean your house. Add in some extra time for the tasks on this list during the winter months; that way, when spring cleaning rolls around, you will not have as much to do! To learn more, contact a janitorial service company like Atlantic Cleaning Services

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