Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean

It's important to keep your office space clean and tidy. A messy office is distracting, and it may even offend your clients. The best way to keep the space spotless is to hire a commercial cleaning service to come in regularly, but you'll still need to do your part to keep your office clean during the day. Here are a few tips that may help.

Organize Your Clutter

Keep all unnecessary items off the top of your desk. A clean desk gives you room to work and it helps you be more productive. You may feel drained and disorganized if your desk is cluttered with papers, coffee cups, snacks, and pictures. Keep all your office supplies in the drawers, and make sure they are organized so you don't have to waste time looking for pens and paper clips. Keeping your desk clean and orderly helps the cleaning service too. They can clean your desk better if they don't have to avoid areas covered with personal items.

Think About Germs

If other people use your desk area or if clients come and go during the day, it won't take long for germs to accumulate on things like the door knob, chairs, and phones. To help you stay healthy during the cold and flu season, you may want to take extra steps to keep your office free from germs. Wipe down the phones with alcohol wipes. Also pay attention to the door handles. You may want to wipe them down daily with an alcohol wipe to reduce your risk of picking up germs that can make you sick.

Take Out The Trash

Even if you have a cleaning service come in every evening to clean your office, you want to pay attention to your wastebaskets, especially in the break room and restroom. It doesn't take long for small trash cans to fill up with papers, cups, and paper towels. It reflects poorly on you if a client sees an overflowing trash can in the restroom or near your desk. You can keep a large trash can in a hidden area so you can conveniently dump trash during the day if you ever need to. Then the cleaning service can take it outside as part of their duties in the evening.

Watch The Entry

The front door to your office area makes the first impression on clients. Employees and clients may track in dirt, leaves, and rain when they come in. The cleaning service may vacuum the floor every evening, but you may also need to sweep the area or run a vacuum near the door during the day, too, depending on the weather. Also, the entry area should be free from clutter and dust. Instruct your employees to keep the area tidy and welcoming so clients will be at ease when they step into your office space.

If you have a small office with no employees, you'll only have to tidy up after yourself as you work during the day. However, if your office is large and you have several employees, you'll need to come up with a system so everyone is responsible for cleaning spills, taking out trash, tidying the restroom, and washing dishes in the break room. Deep cleaning can be left for the cleaning service, but keeping your office tidy requires a team effort.

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