House Cleaning Tips: How To Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Your bathroom can get nasty really quickly without proper cleaning. If you are tired of soap scum on your shower stall and gunk on your toilet and sink, read on to learn how to make your bathroom sparkle.

Cleaning the tub, shower and toilet

For effective cleaning, you need to pre-treat your tub and shower stall with a cleaner so as to loosen stubborn stains and mildew that make these areas slimy. Spray a mildew remover or bleach, and let it sit on the tub surface or shower stall for a few hours before using a scrub brush to thoroughly clean the surfaces.

The best strategy to ensure you don't miss any spot is to scrub the shower walls and tub surfaces from the top down and to use a toothbrush to remove debris lodged around the faucet and drain areas. Next, rinse with clean water to wash off any debris, and wipe down with a dry rag. To keep the tub and shower areas free of soap scum and slime, consider shifting to liquid body soap and use a squeegee to wipe down wet surfaces after every showering session.

To clean your toilet, spray bleach to the inside and outside of the toilet bowl so as to loosen tough stains and kill germs. Let the bleach sit on the surface for a few minutes while you scrub the rim, lid and toilet seat with a rag soaked in soapy water. You can then use a scrub brush to clean the bowl and around the base of the toilet. If you encounter tough bowl rings that refuse to come off, use a pumice stone to scrub them off and rinse with clean water.

Cleaning bathroom sinks and mirrors

A soft lint free cloth can be used to wipe the mirrors so as to remove any solid particles attached to the surface. Next, spray a cleaner on the cloth and use it to gently scrub the mirror surface. An alcohol and white vinegar solution can be a cheap and effective cleaner for your bathroom mirrors that won't leave streaks on the surface. Remember never to spray the cleaner directly on mirrors, as it would stain the frame and mirror edges.

To clean your sink, remove anything on the counter area and spray the sink bowl and counter with a soap scum remover. Next, use a sponge to scrub the surfaces and dislodge any gunk around the faucet and drain with a toothbrush or small scrub brush. Once the counter, faucet, and sink are clean, rinse with clean water and dry with paper towels.

Does deep cleaning your bathroom sound too overwhelming? Consider hiring a cleaning services company to tackle the job for you before the grime gets too intense.

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