Rentals And Carpeting - Four Tips For Renters

If you are looking to rent your next place, the house might come with carpeting in varying stages of aging. This doesn't mean that you should neglect care for these along the way. Making sure you understand what the landlord's expectations are when it comes to carpet care is key. Here are four tips for keeping carpets clean even while renting.

1. Take Before and After Pictures

It is important that you understand what your landlord expects when you move out and this needs to be a priority from day one. Make sure to set up a walkthrough with your landlord and document any preexisting damage or staining. Make sure to document damage with photos and keep these on hand. This will help with disputes down the line when you do move out so that you don't get stuck with cleaning fees or losing your deposit.

2. Put Down Area Rugs

A great way to tread lightly on your rented home's carpeting is to put down rugs in high-trafficked areas. This will keep down the wear and tear, and your own rugs can absorb any spills. If your home has brand new carpeting or light colored carpets, it is a good idea to have a little insulation between your day-to-day routine and the carpets.

3. Follow the Rules Stated for Pets

Remember that the lease you sign along with your landlord's rules aren't merely suggestions. It is important to follow any no pets policies, since your landlord is protecting their property. If you do sneak in a cat or a dog, you will be responsible for cleaning, fixing damages, or even new carpeting. If there is a pet's allowed policy with deposit, really think through if it is worth it to have pets and all that comes with this in a rented space.

4. Cleaning Might be on You

If you are getting your place ready to move out, you might find that there are more carpet stains than you expected. If this goes above and beyond normal wear and tear, ask your landlord if they are planning on keeping the carpets as this might save you the hassle of cleaning. If they are expecting to get more mileage out of existing carpeting, you may be on the hook for a professional cleaning from a company like Kleen As A Whistle before you move out.

Not all carpeting in rental units will be in the same condition and not all landlords will be forgiving when it comes to your carpet's wear and tear and cleaning needs. Try to keep your apartment's carpeting in the best shape that you can in order to protect yourself from losing your deposit on move out.

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