How To Manage Food Odors In An Office

Given how busy your day is, you may feel tempted to keep food by your computer so that you do not need to go out to lunch. However, this decision can come with it's own problems and can also contribute to the dirtiness of the office.

The Problem Of Food Odors

One of the worst things about eating at the desk is the odors. Those who have sensitive noses can pick up even the faintest smells. When there are a variety of scents that are floating through the office, this can be distracting and can make the office a less enjoyable place to work. This is especially a problem with microwaves. The act of nuking one's own lunch can cause undesirable odors to float through the office and bad smells can accumulate over time. It is best to bring dining options that smell good, but this can also limit your nutritional options.

Feeding Your Employees

If you intend to have a no-food-in-the-office policy, it is important to have a location where your employees can meet to have lunch. Simply eating out can be expensive and waste time. The location where employees eat needs to be easy to clean and should be far away from the area where workers spend most of their time. It might be a good idea to enforce rules regarding the type of food that is allowed. Certain foods, such as gyros, can have very strong odors and should be discouraged. If your business would like more control over the food your customers eat, consider providing food in a canteen or cafeteria, depending on the size of the company. Offer low-cost or free options so that your employees are encouraged to eat the options you provide. 

Eating Out

While eating out can use up time, it is okay for employees to occasionally spend time at a restaurant. This provides employees with opportunities to refresh their minds and relax before returning to work. Simply make sure that employees do not bring carry-out back to the workplace.

Cleaning Up

If your office is very dirty because your coworkers are often eating at their desks, it is important that you hire professionals who can clean the office, such as NYC Office Cleaners. Food leaves behind residue and can also cause the office to develop an odor. It will take a lot of persistent work to keep the office clean and this is best left to professionals.

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