How To Choose A Commercial Cleaning Service

Leaving your office cleaning up to someone else is a leap of faith. You may be wondering how you can know whether or not you can trust a company. When you hire a commercial cleaning service you need to trust them not only to clean your office properly but to take care of the valuables in your office as well. If you have never hired a cleaning service before and are a bit nervous about it, here are some tips that will help you to discover if you can trust a cleaning service.

Find Out How They Screen Their Employees

If you are going to be leaving your office and its contents in the hands of a company, it is only common sense to find out how they choose the people who work for them. Find out if workers have been screened for drug abuse or if they have had a thorough background check to make sure that they do not have a criminal record. Ask if applicants were required to give written references, if they were, ask if you could have a look at a few. If the company wants your business they will oblige you. Any company that seems to be taking shortcuts should be avoided.

Facility Training

Every facility is different; cleaning a school or a medical building will require different approaches. You need to find out if the person or persons who will be cleaning your office have had training geared towards your kind of office. This is very important because you don't want things that shouldn't be moved or touched to get tampered with. It's always best that training be provided before you let a cleaner into your office.

Find Out If The Company Is Insured

If the answer to your query about insurance is a no, then move on. Things can happen while people are cleaning your office and it's important to know that compensation is available. Your cleaning company should have insurance for each the following:

  • Theft of your office equipment or supplies
  • Workers getting injured while at your office
  • Workers encountering accidents while coming to your office

A company that has no insurance not only puts you at risk but puts its employees at risk as well.

Finding a good cleaning company can be tedious. Allowing someone to clean your office requires trust. By carefully screening the company that you choose, you will have less issues and be able to enjoy peace of mind.

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