How To Deal With Pet Odor

Do you own a pet? Having a furry little companion has a lot of benefits, but there may be downsides as well. One of the most common problems you will run into with your pet is the issue of odor. Whether it's just their natural smell, or the scent of a little "accident", pet odor is a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of homes and apartments worldwide. Here are some tips and tricks to deal with odor. 

The scent of a pet's urine is usually pretty noticeable. Accidents on carpet can be tricky to remove if you don't know where to start; once your nose knows there's a stain lurking around somewhere, locate it and prepare to deal with it. Depending on what you have stored in the cupboards, you might be able to deal with it with just what you have around the house. One remedy for this problem is baking soda and water, mixed together in a bowl. Once it has obtained the consistency of a paste, (making sure you're using gloves; don't want any icky material getting on your clean hands) spread it onto the stain. Next pour white vinegar over the area of the stain and blot it with a towel or paper towels. Once should do the trick, but if you still notice a smell repeat the process once. 

Removing the scent of an accident from concrete is more difficult than with carpet, but still doable. Concrete is porous and absorbs liquid it comes in contact with. Here's what to do; cover the affected area with a mixture of two thirds water and a third white vinegar. The next step requires something you may not have just lying around; special pet urine cleaner is probably necessary, unless after the last step you don't notice the smell anymore. You can buy pet urine cleaner on the internet (try Amazon). Since concrete is porous and will accept the cleaner as well as the urine itself, soak the affected area with the cleaning solution. Let it settle in and soak for until you don't smell the urine anymore. Afterwards, you may want to "seal" your concrete so this doesn't happen again. You can also find solutions to seal concrete online. 

As for the natural odor that pets can sometime leave in your home, there are numerous tricks to keep the air in the house smelling clean and fresh. First, make sure to vacuum all surfaces your pet comes into contact with. This removes shed hair and some scent goes with it. To clean furniture your pet uses regularly, mix warm water with several drops of lemon scented soap and soak a dishcloth in the mixture. Apply this to the affected area, using circular motions to thoroughly coat the surface of your furniture. If all of this isn't enough, open all the windows in your house to let in fresh air. Another good idea is to create a homemade deodorizer, such as one made from white vinegar and an essential oil of your choice. After mixing your deodorizing elements together, pour them into a spray bottle and use as much as you like to freshen up the smell of your home.

With the right steps, removing a pet's odor can be a clean and easy process that leaves your abode smelling fresh and ready for visitors. Contact a company, like Four Seasons Rug & Upholstery Cleaning, for more help.

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