Leave The Windows Open Often? Three Reasons To Get Carpet Cleaning Frequently

Leaving your windows open is an excellent way to bring fresh air into the home. Also, if the outside temperature is desirable, you can contribute to making your house more comfortable by keeping the windows open throughout the day and even into the evening. However, one of the things that can happen with leaving your windows open often is extra dirt buildup around your house.

To keep your home clean and attractive, you should hire a carpet cleaning company, such as A Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning, to clean the carpet thoroughly. Afterward, you should make plans to get this service on a frequent basis.


When you leave the windows open, you will end up letting pollen from grass, flowers, and trees into your home. While having window screens will help in minimizing how much pollen makes it through, you may still be able to see the pollen on the carpet when you look close enough.

Looking at the carpet near the windows, you may notice a white, yellow, or orangish color on top of the carpet fibers where areas far away from the windows do not have any buildup at all. By investing in carpet cleaning service, you will keep your family from having allergic symptoms.

In certain climates, you may notice that pollen will affect your family throughout a large portion of the year. By getting professional help to clean the carpet twice or more per year and keeping up with consistent vacuuming, you can reduce how much pollen buildup stays in your home.


Another thing that can enter your home with the windows open is dust. When you look around the home, you may notice that dust builds up on furniture, decorations, electronics, and window sills rather quickly. The dust will also make its way onto the carpet, and it will eventually make its way deep into the fibers while your family walks around and pushes each dust particle down.

While vacuuming will pick up dust on the surface, you can rely on carpet cleaners to remove the dust that makes it way to the carpet fiber depths where it can still cause allergic symptoms.


Without window screens, all it takes is a gust of wind for landscape debris such as dirt and leaves to get into your home. The leaves may not come in full pieces but in broken up pieces that are difficult to find and easy to step on, which can break them down even further. Carpet cleaning is a surefire way to eliminate the outside debris that makes it into your home through the windows.

If you are determined to keep the windows open most of the time, you should make it a habit to get routine carpet cleaning service to maintain spotless and allergen-free carpeting.

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