Successful Pet Odor Removal Requires Diligence And Professional Help

Pets make life more enjoyable, but they do have a dark side. Even if your pet doesn't use the floor as a bathroom, their natural body odor can cause your sofa, carpet, and home to take on a bad smell. If your cat uses a litter box indoors, or if your dog or cat has accidents inside frequently, then odor could be a big problem for you. Here are some tips for removing pet odors from your home.

Clean Up Urine And Vomit Right Away

It's not possible to clean up every mess immediately because you're not always at home, but if you do see your pet have an accident or vomit, then take steps to clean up the mess before it stains or seeps into flooring and causes lingering odors. Keep cleaning products on hand that tackle pet odors. You want odor eliminators and not products that mask odors.

Enzyme cleaners are perfect for pet odors and you can buy them at most pet stores or home improvement stores. Follow the instructions on the label, which might require that the cleaner soaks into the stain for several minutes or more.

Use A Black Light To Find Old Stains

If your home has a strong pet urine odor, your dog or cat might be making messes you know nothing about. One way to find out is to buy a black light and shine it on the floor and walls near the floor. You might be shocked to learn your pet has been urinating frequently in your home. Old pet odors are often difficult to remove, but at least you'll know the source of the stench.

Once again, try using enzyme cleaners to remove the stains and odors. Keep checking with the black light to see if you're making progress. It might be necessary to remove carpet and even the flooring itself if stains are old enough and bad enough that the urine has seeped all the way into the floor.

Call In A Cleaning Company

Urine stains are not the only causes of pet odors. Your home may smell like a cat box or a wet dog, but you don't notice it since you smell it every day. Your pet's odor gets soaked into furniture, bedding, and carpeting. Vacuuming helps control the odor some by pulling hairs and dander from the fabrics, but you may need professional cleaning to get your home smelling fresh again. You can have your upholstered furniture, drapes, and flooring cleaned by a professional to get rid of pet body odors and pet accident stains and odors.

However, when you book your appointment, let the cleaning service know you want pet odor removal services so the company can plan on using odor-neutralizing products that eliminate the source of the odor and don't just use cleaners that mask the odor temporarily.

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