3 Floor Cleaning Services Your Building Needs

When you walk into a building, your eyes immediately scan the area and take in information about the area that helps you form an impression about the building and the business inside of it. One of the first things most people notice when they step into a building are the floors. Keeping your floors looking great will not only create a cleaner work environment — keeping your floor clean will help you make a better impression on people when they walk into your business.

There are three critical floor cleaning services, based on the type of flooring you have inside of your business, that a floor cleaning company can take care of for you.

1. Auto Scrubbing

Auto scrubbing is also often referred to as floor scrubbing. Auto scrubbing involves using a large floor scrubbing machine to clean your floors. This floor scrubbing machine will apply a cleaning agent to your floors, then go over your floors with scrubbing pads. After running over your floors with the scrubbing pads, a water suction vacuum will clean up the water and suck up the dirt. This entire process happens at the same time as the machine moves over your floors.

Auto scrubbing machines are designed to be used on hard floors. Auto scrubbing machines work best on materials such as tile, vinyl, and concrete. They quickly preform a deep cleaning that would require hours of hard scrubbing and labor if done by a person by hand. Auto scrubbing is great for floors in high-traffic areas. This is a cleaning service that can be done on a regular basis to keep your floors looking great.

2. Burnishing

If you have wood floors, you may want to have your floors burnished. Burnishing is a process you use to make your floors really shine. Burnishing is a maintenance step you can use to keep your wood floors looking great.

First, your floors undergo a regular sweep and clean-up to get rid of surface dirt. Then, a burnishing machine is ran over your wood floors. This machine scrubs your wood floors with pads that are just the right coarseness for your floors. The pads remove part, but not all, the wax on your floors.

Burnishing helps keep your floors looking great in-between wax jobs. It is a great way to remove dirt and make your hardwood floors shine. This process can be done a couple of times a year.

3. Strip & Wax

Stripping and waxing is for all types of floor that have a wax applied to them. This is a service you should have done once or twice a year, depending on how high traffic your business is.

With striping and waxing, first a chemical is applied to the floor that helps to remove the old wax from the floor. This chemical is called a stripping agent, and it must sit on the floor for a specific amount in order to work. Then, a machine is run over the floor that removes the finish and sealers from your floor. Then, after that, a floor finish stripper will be applied, with any remaining wax scrapped off the floor. Once the wax is removed, the floor must be cleaned again.

Now that the floor is cleaned, a new layer of wax is applied to the floor. Then the wax must dry before a second and third layer of wax are applied to the floor. Most floors require three layers of wax.

You want to keep the floors in your office looking clean and shiny. You can work with a professional office cleaning service to clean your floors. Strip and wax should be done once a year with. Burnishing should be done a few times a year, and auto scrubbing should be done on a regular basis.

For more information on floor cleaning or other office cleaning services, contact a local cleaning company.

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