Pressure Washing Tips For Residential Windows

Residential windows will naturally get dirty over time. If it's really bad and you're having trouble cleaning them by hand, then pressure washing them may be the right move. You'll get great cleaning results if you read up on this pressure washing protocol. 

Review Caulking Condition First

Since pressure washing windows will expose them to some pretty forceful water pressure, you first want to review the condition of your windows' caulking. It needs to be in good condition still so that the pressure washing doesn't cause it to break down even more.

That would be a costly repair to deal with. Look at all of your windows on the exterior and go up to the caulking to where it's a couple of feet away from your face. Are sections in good condition and fully capable of taking the pressure you're about to apply to them? If that's a yes, you can carry forward uninterrupted. If not, you may want to have caulking sections addressed professionally before utilizing pressure washing.

Utilize a Soap Solution

If you really want to treat your windows to a thorough and effective clean with pressure washing, then you might consider adding some soap solution. It will work in combination with the high pressure coming from the pressure washing machine you end up using. 

Just make sure you go with a soap solution that is specifically designed for residential windows. Then you can worry less about the soap solution leaving behind spots that you would have to go back and touch up by hand.

Adjust Pressure Washer's Settings

You don't want to use the highest setting on the pressure washer with your windows because they could cause damage. A better strategy is adjusting the settings on the washer so that you get a thorough wash, but not too rough to where damage is a possibility. 

It may take you some time to play around with the settings, in which case you want to point the pressure washer at the ground to dial in the pressure settings. Once they are correct, you can start this pressure washing task off on the right path. 

A convenient, yet effective way to deal with dirty residential windows is to use a pressure washer. If you find out how to use this device and implement the right techniques with it, you'll have no trouble getting dirt and grime off your windows quickly. Reach out to a professional who provides pressure washing services to learn more. 

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