Tips for Having Your House Cleaner Do the Laundry

Laundry is not usually included in standard house cleaning services. However, some cleaning services will offer laundry as an additional option, and if yours does, then you may want to take advantage of this. There are, however, a few tips you should follow as you begin paying a house cleaner to do your laundry.

Write out instructions for your washer and dryer.

Most washers and dryers are pretty straight forward in their operation, but some do have a few quirks. These may pop up over the years as the machines get more use. For example, you may have realized that your washer no longer turns on unless it you turn the timer knob past 10 minutes. To ensure your cleaner is able to use your washer and dryer effectively, write out instructions and leave them next to the appliances. Or you can text your cleaner a message with the instructions if you communicate with them in this way.

Establish whose products will be used.

Most cleaners will require that you have the laundry products on-hand for them to use. This eliminates a lot of challenges having to do with certain customers preferring certain detergent brands or being allergic to various ingredients. However, every cleaning service is different, so make sure you confirm whether or not they'll be providing the detergent, fabric softener, and other products beforehand.

Get into the habit of putting clothes directly in the hamper.

You don't want to have to scramble and collect all your dirty clothes on the morning the cleaner comes and then spend the rest of the day hoping everything made it into the hamper. So, if you're not already, get into the habit of putting your clothing directly into the hamper after you're finished wearing it. You may even want to have two different hampers — one for white and one for colors — so that your clothes are pre-sorted for the cleaner.

Check things out, and let your cleaner know if anything is amiss.

After your cleaner does the laundry for the first time, look things over. Are there any shirts that went in the dryer and should not have? Are there any whites that look like they were washed with colors? Everyone has their own laundry preferences, so it can take a few times for your cleaner to get a hang of your unique preferences. Pointing out things you'd prefer were done differently along the way will help the cleaner hone their practices to suit you.

Having your cleaner do the laundry every week can save a lot of time and energy. If you use this service, try these tips. 

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