4 Main Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques You Should Know

Your carpet does a great deal of work to beautify your living space and make it warm and comfortable. Nonetheless, it is only attractive and functional when clean. Your carpet gets dirty from the food debris, dirt, pet hair, and contaminants trapped in the fibers over time. After hiring carpet cleaning services, do you specify how you want it cleaned?

A service could help you choose the right carpet cleaning technique for you, but it is great to know your options. Here are some common methods that professionals use for carpet cleaning.

1. Steam Carpet Cleaning

You may identify this technique as the hot water extraction process of cleaning. The cleaning service will utilize hot water mixed with a cleaning solution derived in high pressure. The pressurized water is then injected into the carpet to dislodge and dissolve the dirt and grime in the carpet.

After thoroughly rinsing the carpet, it is left to dry in an air-conditioned room. Most people prefer steam cleaning because of its ability to eliminate dirt from the carpet fibers' deepest ends.

2. Dry Cleaning

If you want a cleaning technique that doesn't require a lot of downtime drying, this is the perfect carpet cleaning technique for you. The cleaner will apply a special cleaning powder that falls to the innermost parts of the carpet fibers, integrating with the dirt and grease.

A motorized rotating machine with lodged brushes runs over the carpet, allowing the powder to integrate further with the dirt. A final vacuuming practice is necessary to suction out the powder combined with dirt and grease. This method provides instant drying effects.

3. Shampoo Cleaning

You have probably guessed what shampoo carpet cleaning entails. As the name suggests, the professional in charge will begin cleaning by applying a special shampoo product directly on the carpet. Occasionally, the cleaning specialist may sprinkle some water to make the scrubbing easier. The cleaner will gently use a machine that agitates the shampoo, removing the dirt.

The service will wet vacuum the shampooed carpet to eliminate the cleaning residue and dirt. They will leave the carpet to dry for a few hours.

4. Encapsulation Method

This technique is best preferred since it doesn't require water and has minimal downtime. The cleaner will apply an encapsulation chemical substance that removes dirt and grease attached to the carpet fibers.

The use of a rotary brush machine ensures the chemical reaches the furthest ends of the carpet to pick up all the dirt. A final vacuuming procedure should get rid of the dirt and residue.

Depending on your needs and time constraints, each of these methods discussed above effectively eradicates dirt. Ensure you seek advice from your carpet cleaner to ensure you make an informed decision and get value for your money.

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