How Hiring Commercial Janitorial Services Can Boost Employee Productivity

Most businesses in the United States choose to outsource their cleaning to commercial janitorial companies. But why would a business hire janitorial services when they can hire in-house staff for their cleaning needs? This is because it helps boost employee productivity.

If you own a business and think hiring a commercial janitorial company seems like an unnecessary expense, here are a few reasons why hiring janitorial services can actually boost your employee productivity instead.

It Reduces Employee Absenteeism and Productivity Loss

A clean working environment boosts productivity and leads to better moods and high attendance. Most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Thus, a significant proportion of their working hours is spent in an office. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your employees are working in a healthy and clean environment.

Janitorial services offer deep cleaning professional services which can help reduce absenteeism due to sicknesses. For example, employees with allergies and asthma are likely to be more absent if the working environment is not free from allergens. 

Absenteeism results in decreased productivity which can adversely affect your business. However, with commercial janitorial services, the offices will always be free of dirt, allergens, and debris since they use technologically advanced equipment for their cleaning services.

Commercial Janitorial Companies Have High Standards

Commercial janitorial companies hold high standards to maintain a competitive edge over their competitors to beat the competition. Unlike hiring an in-house cleaning staff, professional janitors have higher standards. They invest in people and offer intensive cleaning services in a highly effective manner. Besides, they are regulated by CIMS or other institutions such as AICS to hold them to these standards.

Cost-Effective Cleaning 

Although hiring a commercial janitorial company may seem like a costly expense compared to hiring an in-house cleaning time, it is actually more cost-effective over time. Remember, when you hire in-house staff, you have more to cater for. You will be paying their salaries and other benefits as well as catering for cleaning equipment, supplies, and materials. You will also need to cater for their training to ensure they maintain high-quality cleaning standards. 

By seeking professional janitorial services, you only need to pay their fee as they have all the cleaning supplies and equipment. Therefore, you get to focus on work and other responsibilities.

For a professional janitorial company, the main concern is not only cleaning the surfaces of your office but also offering the best services to ensure the cleanest and healthiest environment to keep your workers healthy and focused. Therefore, seeking commercial janitorial cleaning services is a way to boost productivity in your organization.

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