Have Senior Cats? 3 Benefits Of House Cleaning Service

While most cats will increase how much house cleaning you need to do, you will find that kittens and senior cats demand the most work. Kittens can make messes around your house, but they grow up so fast that you only have to go through this for a short period. Senior cats are more prone to bathroom accidents and illnesses that lead to your house becoming messy.

Hiring house cleaners can help you alleviate senior cat ownership with several services.

Stain Removal

When senior cats start to develop health-related issues, you may notice them starting to vomit and have diarrhea regularly. Adding a mat underneath all litter boxes can minimize tracking and prevent the flooring underneath from getting dirty. However, your cat might get diarrhea on its paws and then start tracking it on the furniture and flooring throughout your house.

While you can disinfect and sanitize each area with your cleaning supplies, you may be left with stains on fabrics that are difficult to clean. Taking note of where these stains are located will save house cleaners time and ensure they bring the right supplies to remove stains effectively.

Odor Removal

Senior cats can have various issues, especially bathroom-related ones. Some older cats cannot control their bladder well anymore and may have accidents on the carpet in your home.

While you can clean up the mess on the surface level, you will have a tough time getting rid of the ammonia smell that comes from their urine. Professional cleaners often have the equipment and tools to reach deep into the carpet fibers to eliminate the lingering odors. You can even get help with odor remodel for furniture and rugs that your cats have accidents on.

Deep Cleaning

As your cats grow old, you may notice that they do not groom as often. This kind of behavior change may lead to your house getting dirtier than usual. Loose hair and debris on them that they would typically lick off while grooming in their younger years may get all over the house.

House cleaners can provide deep cleaning services as often as needed. An initial deep cleaning is worthwhile because you will bring furniture, features, and decorations to an impressive cleanliness level. This service will save you time and effort once you resume routine cleaning.

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