Common Misconceptions About Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a smart investment for any business. It portrays a positive impression to your clients and gives your employees a fresh and comfortable space to work in. However, many business managers are often discouraged from hiring cleaners because of the following myths.

Cleaning Tasks Should Be Performed In-House

Employees are often disgruntled when their superiors assign them tasks that aren't in their job specifications. Delegating cleaning tasks to employees will dampen their morale and affect their productivity.

Employees in your establishment should focus on their professions and not be distracted by tasks such as cleaning. It is your responsibility to ensure they work in safe and clean surroundings. Furthermore, they will not clean as thoroughly as janitors. Therefore, make sure you outsource office cleaning services.

Bleaching Is the Best Solution for Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Office

Bleaching works for cleaning mold, lichens, and other microorganisms. It is also good for stain removal, but it needs to be used with other solutions that are less corrosive.

Bleaching powder shouldn't be substituted with a cleaning solution. It doesn't cleanse all germs and dirt. Furthermore, excessive use of bleaching powder can result in harmful chemical reactions. Office cleaners come with cleaning solutions that get rid of stains and address dirt and germs. These detergents are also environmentally friendly and will leave your office smelling fresh and looking clean.

Only Clean Obvious Things

Business managers strive to spend less on cleaning by only limiting it to obvious things. This is because of the myth that only the obvious things should be cleaned. While it is important to clean counters, bathrooms, and windows because they often have visible blemishes, you shouldn't forget things like carpets which hide dirt and debris.

Don't neglect your office carpet because you hired cleaners a few months ago. Carpets experience a lot of foot traffic, mainly in busy surroundings. Remember, the dirt and moistness on your carpet can promote mold and other harmful allergens. When you hire office cleaners, it is more cost-effective when they perform a thorough job than when they clean your office partially.

In Conclusion

As a business manager, you shouldn't compromise on the cleanliness and sanitation of your office. You need to identify your cleaning needs before you recruit cleaners. This way, you will express your expectations to the professional cleaners and negotiate a fair price for their services. Make sure you take quotes from different office cleaners to get the best possible price for your cleaning needs.

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