Soft Wash Vs. Pressure Wash: Which Is Better For Exterior House Washing?

Keeping the exterior of your home clean is an important part of maintaining its value, but it can be difficult to know which cleaning method is best. Should you use a soft wash or a pressure wash when cleaning your home's exterior? Here's a closer look at the differences so you can decide which is better for exterior house washing where you live.

Soft Wash Method

Soft washing is the preferred method for cleaning most residential homes. It utilizes a low-pressure spray and specialized cleaning solutions that are applied directly to the surface of your home's exterior. The solution is then agitated with special brushes designed to loosen dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from the surface without causing any damage. After a few minutes, the solution is rinsed away using low-pressure water, leaving your home looking like new again.

The advantage of soft washing over pressure washing is that it provides a deep clean without damaging your home's paint job or leaving behind any unsightly marks on the siding or stonework. It's also much safer than using high-pressure washers as there is no risk of damaging windows, screens, or exterior siding, making it ideal for homeowners who don't want to take any chances with their property's appearance.

Pressure Wash Method

On the other hand, pressure washing uses high-pressure water to wash away dirt and debris from surfaces such as concrete driveways and sidewalks. The force of the pressurized water can remove stubborn stains that can't be removed with soft washing, including stains from oil leaks. However, this method should only be used on hard surfaces, as it can cause damage if used on softer materials such as wood siding or stucco walls. Additionally, the high force involved in this process increases the risk of injury and damage if not done correctly.

That being said, some homes need a stronger exterior house washing than a soft wash can provide. Pressure washing can remove tough stains on your home's brick or siding. In these cases, you might want to consider pressure washing if you have the skills or knowledge necessary to do it safely.

So, which one should you choose? For most homeowners looking to keep their house looking its best without risking any damage, soft washing would be the preferred choice over pressure washing. Soft washing will provide a deep clean without putting too much strain on delicate surfaces. If you have tough stains, however, pressure washing may be a better option for exterior house washing.

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