How Often Do You Need To Have Carpeting On Your Business Premises Cleaned?

Carpets are a popular flooring option for most commercial setups. This is because they are beautiful, warm, and cozy, and they reduce the noise that comes from foot traffic. However, they gather dust, pollen, and other allergens from shoes. Therefore, you need to clean them often to improve indoor air quality. Further, you should know how often to clean your carpets to keep dirt out of your space. Here are factors that should guide you in determining how often to schedule a cleaning service.

How Many People Does Your Business Facility Host?

The type of business premises should help you decide how often to clean your carpets. If you manage an office building, you should clean them every few months. On the other hand, a retail establishment with high foot traffic should schedule monthly cleaning. This also applies to public establishments with regular foot traffic. In addition, the removal of oil and grease stains is essential. So, locate a cleaning service in your area and enlist their help to remove those unsightly stains.

What Type and Color is Your Carpet?

Different types of fiber react differently to dirt. For example, a low-pile carpet accumulates less dirt and debris in its fibers than one with a high pile. Similarly, a lighter-colored design is more prone to stains and other permanent marks than darker ones. Hence, you should clean yours depending on how fast it shows or accumulates dirt. The good news is that a cleaning expert can help you schedule regular sessions to help maintain your carpet's cleanliness.

How Many People Walk on Them Daily?

The number of people who walk on your floors determines the foot traffic in your commercial space. As such, high-traffic areas such as entrances and hallways should have their floor coverings vacuumed daily, while lower-traffic areas such as conference rooms can get away with weekly cleanings. Also, if you experience a lot of foot activity in your business, you could need cleaning services twice a month.

Do They Have a Warranty?

Many carpet manufacturers now include maintenance instructions and cleaning recommendations in their warranties. In most cases, the warranty terms dictate that you must have someone clean your carpets professionally at least once annually. You should also follow the manufacturer's guidelines to prolong its useful life.

The ideal way to determine how often to clean your carpets is by getting a professional carpet cleaning service to assess your building. They will help you clean and improve the durability of your carpets long term.

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