4 Surfaces To Have Cleaned By A Power Washing Company

Looking for ways to make your home's exterior look beautiful? All of that mold, grime, and dirt can build up on surfaces over time, which makes your home look unattractive. That's why it can be worth hiring a professional power washing service to clean those parts of your home. Here are a few of the surfaces power washing can improve. 

Walkways and Driveways

Some areas of your home's exterior that see plenty of foot traffic are the walkways and driveways. This surface is prone to dirt buildup, tire marks, oil stains, and sap that falls from nearby trees. The best way to restore the surface to its original condition is to power wash it. It works great on pavers, asphalt, and concrete and will greatly improve the look to make the surface appear pristine. 


Any deck made out of wood is prone to being damaged by the weather. Water can easily cause discoloration, mold, and mildew to form, which doesn't look great. You can remove these contaminants by power washing the surface, which will not damage the wood in the process. The deck will look revitalized, and the surface will be prepared to stain or seal to make it look brand new again. This not only helps your wood deck look good but prolongs the life span of the material.


Another element of your yard that is exposed to the weather year-round is fences. Much like a deck, fences are susceptible to the same type of debris that can cause problems. Power washing a wood fence is similar to power washing a wood deck since it also prepares it for staining and sealing. However, you can also power wash other fencing materials, like PVC, wrought iron, and chain link. 


Your home's siding is another surface that can easily become dirty. Thankfully, it's possible to power wash siding so that the material looks brand new. The trick to power washing siding is to make sure that the water is constantly spraying at a downward angle. You do not want to accidentally spray upward, since it can get behind the siding by going into the seams that hold the sections together. That's why it's best left to a professional

These are just a few practical surfaces that can be power washed. Reach out to a company in your area, such as A&S Pressure Washing & Soft Washing, to learn more. 

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